City Publications

The Winning Advertising Company specializes in developing professional and beautiful publications for your City without spending tax dollars to do it!

Some of the publications we have created for communities within Manitoba are: Guides that attract tourism, City Guides that attract people to move to and live in your community, City Maps, and Activity Guides sharing information about activities your residents can participate in.  Each publication we develop will include beneficial information to the target market, pictures of your community and businesses and services that are ready to serve the reader.  In addition each publication will have an website developed that will show the same information that is ready to access using both computers and mobile devices.  We will take care of distribution and tracking of the publications.



Morden City Guide 2014 Winkler City Guide 2014



Winkler Summer Activity Guide 2015



winkler business directory 2015 morden business directory 2015 2015 steinbach business directory

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